Digital Marketing
Create a Series of Blog Posts on the Latest Trends and Advances in Digital Advertising
Generate a series of three blog posts that provide insights into the latest trends and advances in the sphere of digital advertising.

About this Menternship
3Dm believes that the world is getting digital and so should your brand. A creative Digital Marketing startup based out of Hyderabad, they are providing brands the digital life they need. They have around 100 happy clients from across all domains. 3DM knows that one size does not fit all and designs custom solutions for each client.

Promoting a business is not an easy task. Companies need to constantly up their marketing game. Blogging is one of the effective strategies of making your presence felt on digital platforms. Blogging and posting relevant content is an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to your website and to your services. You can use your blog to promote your services and showcase customer testimonials.

In this menternship, you will curate a series of blog posts on the trends and advances in the Digital Advertising space.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Digital Advertising
Company Blogging
Trends in digital advertising

You will apply:
Creative writing
Copy editing
Market research

You will create:
A series of blog posts on the trends in Digital Advertising
Expected Output
  1. Research Report on Trends in Digital Advertising
  2. 3 Blog Posts on the latest trend in Digital Advertising with a minimum of 750 words
  3. Video of Self
Create a Series of Blog Posts on the Latest Trends and Advances in Digital Advertising
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