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Create a Script, StoryBoard & a Short Film for a Startup Wedding Photography Organisation
Execute the basic skills of cinematography, while building a storyboard and subsequent scenes of a short-film.
Co-founder, Harishankar Photography
About this Menternship
In the most basic sense a cinematographer is responsible for the technical aspects of photographing a scene and in realizing the director's vision for the look of a motion picture.  To judge a cinematographer's work beyond the basics (such as was the image in focus and was the exposure good -- not too dark or not too bright) you really need to know something about the art of cinematography.

Cinematography is the way a shot is recorded by the camera, including factors such as lens selection, focus setting, depth-of-field, zoom, camera movements, etc. In simpler words, The cinematographer or director of photography (DP) is the person in charge of actually shooting the film. He/she is the head of the camera and lighting departments, and he/she has a big role in the making of any movie.

Harishankar Photography provides professional services specializing in contemporary wedding photography, full fledged wedding (including cinematography), exclusive pre-wedding couple shoots, pre-wedding short-film making, portfolios, newborn and children movies and a lot more. 
A great director of photography will define light and space to create the ultimate image. Not only does this include everything moving on the screen, but also the camera movements that are used to communicate with the audience. This project will familiarise you with all of those procedures and a lot more to begin with your passion for movie photography. 

Start this Menternship to begin! 

Ps. A basic level camera is a pre-requisite to Start this Menternship!
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
  1. Data Collection, Observation and Analysis
  2. Basics of Lighting shoots
  3. Script Formatting Knowledge 
  4. Storyboard Creation 

Expected Output
  1. Research report on terminology & lighting
  2. Storyboard/s
  3. Script for your short-film
  4. Final draft of your short-film
  5. Video of Self
Create a Script, StoryBoard & a Short Film for a Startup Wedding Photography Organisation
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