Marketing Strategy
Create a Marketing Strategy for a Last Mile Transport Provider
Create a marketing strategy for a last mile transport enterprise to attract their target audience
Siddharth Ravi
About this Menternship
Metro rail is a huge boon to city dwellers who commute long distances everyday. It helps them escape the rush hour traffic and get to their destinations on time. However, one huge problem that many face with metro rail is the first mile and last mile connectivity. Svida, a mobility provider based in Hyderabad strives to bridge this gap and make commuting a pleasant and easy experience for people. While doing that, Svida also ensures that the environment is well cared for as well!

Marketing strategy boosts the brand image by increasing its awareness amongst potential customers. Any business that delivers a service or product requires a solid marketing strategy to ensure that more people come to know of the brand. It helps interact with the customers at a personal level and gain their trust. Marketing is what shapes how the customers think of and perceive the brand.

In this menternship, you will analyse the last mile connectivity market and create a marketing strategy for Svida within the allocated budget.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Demographic and economic profiles of target population
Urban transport
Last mile connectivity

You will apply:
User analysis
Competitor analysis
Market research

You will create:
A marketing strategy
A pitch for the marketing strategy
Expected Output
  1. Report on Demographic and Economic profiles of daily metro travellers
  2. Report on Last Mile Solutions (including list of 5 current solutions across India)
  3. Marketing Strategy Presentation
  4. Video Pitch of your Strategy
  5. Budget - Marketing Campaigns
  6. Video of Self
Create a Marketing Strategy for a Last Mile Transport Provider
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