Marketing Strategy

Create a marketing strategy for a last mile transport provider

Research the demographic and economic profiles of daily metro travellers, and create a marketing strategy for a last mile transport enterprise

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Siddharth Ravi


15 days


Provided by the Company after Review


Paid Internship Opportunity - After Certification

About this Menternship

In this Menternship, you will be interacting directly with the local commuters of a metro rail service in India, to better understand their consumer behaviour & create a marketing strategy for a new service targeted to this customer base.

Through this menternship, you will be executing the skills of market research, data documentation & analysis  and creating experiential marketing strategy.

On successful completion and certification, you will have the unique opportunity of interning with SVIDA for the role of on-ground marketing & growth.

Svida was formed with the philosophy of providing economical and
sustainable transportation solutions to the society.
With this mandate in mind, we found the first mile and the last mile
connectivity to the Hyderabad Metro Rail as the need of the hour.

Efforts and commitments to improve the same would contribute to
provide seamless commute to the passengers of the metro rail and also
contribute to the environment at large.

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

    1. Consumer behaviour analysis 
    2. Data analysis and documentation
    3. Creating experiential marketing strategies

Expected Output

  1. Report on Demographic and Economic profiles of daily metro travellers Pdf
  2. Report on Last Mile Solutions (including list of 5 current solutions across India)Pdf
  3. Marketing Strategy PresentationPptx
  4. Video Pitch of your StrategyVideo

Create a marketing strategy for a last mile transport provider

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