Human Resource
Create a market competitive compensation strategy for the multiple roles in a SAAS company
Work on building role-specific compensation structures, after creating a hiring grid for the company based on a list of employment roles 
About this Menternship
In this Menternship, you will be working on the process involved in developing a market competitive compensation strategy.
To begin with, you will understand the concept of a hiring grid, and build one for the company based on the list of employment roles provided. This will also involve basic research on the roles provided in the list.
Next, you will deep dive into the process of building the compensation structure. This will involve extensive research on the statutory laws & the different industry practices to arrive at holistic role specific compensation structures.

The end objective of this Menternship is for you to understand and execute the process involves in creating effective compensation structures that abide by the legal framework.

Avetti Commerce is an E-Commerce platform started in 2001, present in 7 countries. It enables SMEs and potential business owners to go online and to fulfil their digital transformation. Avetti India is offering a great experience to their customers since the last 3 years and looking at full fledged growth in the near future.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
  1. A Hiring Grid & its application
  2. Compensation structuring in India
  3. Statutory and legal implications with regards to Compensation
Expected Output
  1. Hiring Grid based on the roles provided
  2. Research on Compensation Structures and Related Statutory Laws
  3. Compensation Structures
  4. Video of self
Create a market competitive compensation strategy for the multiple roles in a SAAS company
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