Computer Science
Create a Fully Functional Web Application Based on the Design Specification
Design a fully functional web application that is responsive on all devices
About this Menternship
Avantsy Technologies is a startup that is building solutions for proximity marketing. Their product - PromoNear provides a unique opportunity for various establishments to market their products to customers who are close to their location and encourage potential customers to discover their establishment when they are nearby. They promise to give you the most relevant offers exactly when and where you need them. PromoNear has been helping numerous customers simplify their shopping experiences and save up!

Web applications form an integral part of many businesses. They come with multiple benefits, from being able to better communicate with customers to giving a competitive edge in the marketplace. Web application development is more a necessity than a luxury for businesses looking to gain new customers while keeping the existing ones satisfied. 

In this menternship you will develop a web application that delivers the best user experience on all platforms. You will use Node JS and MongoDB for the same.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Node JS
Web service development
Web application life cycle
Cloud Deployment interface

You will apply:
User Experience Design
Frontend development
Backend Development
Deployment and Testing

You will create:
A fully functional web application
Expected Output
  1. User Interface Prototype
  2. Front End User Interface Source Code
  3. Dump of the MongoDB Tables
  4. Complete source code - Including Front End and Back End
  5. Url after deployment on Heroku to test the live system.
  6. A detailed document highlighting the following - 1. High level design including any design patterns followed. 2. Detailed explanation of each backend services. 3. Any design or implementation choices made and security practices followed. 4. Any performance enhancements incorporated. 5. Browsers that this website has been tested on. 6. Detailed testing report listing the scenarios tested, expected result and actual result
  7. Video of Self
Create a Fully Functional Web Application Based on the Design Specification
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