Computer Science
Create a Fully Functional Web Application Based on the Design Specification
Design a fully functional web application that is responsive on all devices 
About this menternship
Create a fully functional web application as per the requirements provided. The website must be responsive so that it can be viewed and navigated properly on a desktop as well as on a mobile browser. The website should be developed using the technology stack mentioned in the requirements. Apart from functionality and UI aspects, following proper security practices and designing for optimal performance are very essential. The end product should be thoroughly tested on some of the major desktop and mobile browsers.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
1.  Creating UI/UX
2. Creating Backend services
3. Deployment and Testing
Expected Output
  1. User Interface Prototype
  2. Front End User Interface Source Code
  3. Dump of the MongoDB Tables
  4. Complete source code - Including Front End and Back End
  5. Url after deployment on Heroku to test the live system.
  6. A detailed document highlighting the following - 1. High level design including any design patterns followed. 2. Detailed explanation of each backend services. 3. Any design or implementation choices made and security practices followed. 4. Any performance enhancements incorporated. 5. Browsers that this website has been tested on. 6. Detailed testing report listing the scenarios tested, expected result and actual result
  7. Video of Self
Create a Fully Functional Web Application Based on the Design Specification
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