Market Research
Conduct market analysis to identify B2B service opportunities in the field of industrial waste management
Conduct a thorough market analysis of the industrial waste management industry to identify opportunities for new ventures.
About this Menternship
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Industrial development is a sign of economic progress of a country. However, the flipside is the tonnes of industrial waste that factories churn out every single day. Industrial waste might contain harmful chemicals and requires specific treatment methods to ensure safety of the people handling it and the environment. As India is set on the path of a manufacturing boom, industrial waste management is a promising and a much needed sector.

In this menternship, you are required to conduct thorough market analysis to identify service opportunities in industrial waste management.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Market research
Competitor analysis
Porter’s five forces

You will apply:
Marketing insights
Strategic planning

You will create:
Market Research report
Strategic plan
Expected Output
  1. Market research report
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Market segmentation
  4. Industry overview - Porter’s Five Forces
  5. Video of Self
Conduct market analysis to identify B2B service opportunities in the field of industrial waste management
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