Market Research
Conduct Market Analysis for an upcoming B2B E-commerce Company before its Launch
Come up with the value proposition of an upcoming B2B e-commerce website and conduct market analysis before its launch.
About this Menternship
Snapdeal is an Indian e-commerce company that was started in 2010 with a vision to bring world-class shopping experiences to India. With an assortment of quality merchandise and logistics that cover more than 96% of the country’s pin codes, it is a shopping haven for value-seeking, middle-income and price-conscious buyers. Snapdeal constantly evolves its complete ecosystem around value commerce. Their mission is to be the one-stop shopping solution for Bharat customers. Snapdeal is one of the top 4 e-commerce brands in India

It is a common practice for new companies to conduct in-depth market research and analysis before stepping into the market. While the performance of any market cannot be predicted with complete accuracy, major trends give a good idea of its scope for growth. This helps companies in strategizing and executing their business goals. Market analysis is a great exercise for startups to test the waters before diving in, but this is not the only use of this much-coveted skill. Market analysis is conducted regularly by all top-performing companies.

In this menternship, you are required to conduct a market analysis for an upcoming B2B e-commerce company and come up with a value proposition for the same.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Market research
Negotiation strategy
Competitor analysis
Value proposition

You will apply:
Marketing insights

You will create:
Market analysis report
Negotiation strategy
Expected Output
  1. Market analysis report
  2. User Personas
  3. Negotiation strategy
  4. Secondary Market Research Report
  5. Primary Market Research Report
  6. Video of Self
Conduct Market Analysis for an upcoming B2B E-commerce Company before its Launch
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