Marketing Strategy
Build an effective marketing strategy for a corporate composting brand
Accurately identify the target market of a composting company and build a marketing strategy to promote the brand.
About this Menternship
India generates 62 million tonnes of municipal waste every year, 72% of which goes untreated. Untreated waste can cause pollution and serious health hazards. Working with waste is also a widely held taboo and is looked down upon. Enter Waste Ventures, a waste management enterprise that is making garbage cool! They do everything from waste audits and certification to zero waste events. Waste Ventures has partnered with schools, gated communities and corporates to help them manage their waste better. Their workshops on educating students and employees on waste are a huge hit!

India contributes to about 18% of the world’s population and 12% of the global municipal waste. With the rapidly growing population, the amount of waste is only expected to shoot up in the coming years. Though most towns and cities have a door to door waste collection system, ill-equipped sorting and disposal facilities make it ineffective. Lack of social awareness of the importance of waste management adds to the issue.

In this menternship, you will create a digital marketing strategy for a composting company that helps corporates deal with their solid waste in an eco-friendly manner.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Corporate composting
Compost as a solid waste management method
Market research
Market analysis

You will apply:
Digital integration
Marketing strategy
Marketing insights

You will create:
Digital marketing strategy
Expected Output
  1. Research Report- Corporate composting in India
  2. Survey analysis
  3. Report on the market environment
  4. Customer personas
  5. Digital marketing strategy
  6. Video of Self
Build an effective marketing strategy for a corporate composting brand
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