Data Science
Build a predictive model for employee attrition on Python
Help Avetti Commerce build a predictive model for reducing employee attrition in an internation technology company
About this Menternship
HR Analytics or People Analytics has lately a vital process for firms of all sizes and kinds alike. Usually carried out on the survey data collected from employees, this data has a huge potential to reveal various trends and hidden insights on all things firm related from an employee’s point of view. HR Analytics is being used to uncover answers to a wide variety of questions ranging from complex questions like 'What is driving Attrition?' to an easier to answer query like - 'Does adding an allotted break time for planned leisure activities improve productivity?' 

In this menternship we are looking at the Attrition Data from a Global technology company, to predict and analyze the Attrition patterns within the firm. We will be using Python primarily for Data Analysis and running different Machine Learning models for this Menternship to arrive at the cause of attrition as well as a relevant prediction for attrition in the future.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore: 
Exploratory Data analysis with Python
Data Cleaning and wrangling with Python 
Plotting in Python(Data Visualization) 
CRISP - DM Framework

You will apply:
Data wrangling and cleaning 
Data visualisation
Python programming
Research and intuition - HR analytics

You will create:
Exploratory Data analysis on House Insurance dataset to identify the premium pricing attributes.

Expected Output
  1. Properly commented Code file with plots mentioned above + PDF File with Insights / Trends from the Bar charts
  2. Properly commented Python Notebook with Plots and Results for all three models
  3. Video of self
  4. Python notebook with codes for analysis and data visualisation
  5. The presentation with the findings, insights and final conclusions
  6. Presentation on HR Analytics/People Analytics and how it can impact a firm
Build a predictive model for employee attrition on Python
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