Marketing Strategy
Build a Cause Marketing Plan for Goodboy kitchen
Learn and apply the principles & application of cause marketing to enable Goodboy Kitchen to increase its brand outreach
About this Menternship
Pets are clinically proven to reduce stress and boost the mood of their companions. As all pet parents would vouch for, pets are great companions. However, raising pets can be tough. This is where Goodboy kitchen comes to the rescue. The dog lovers at Goodboy kitchen ensure that your dog gets the best diet. With preservative-free, freshly cooked meals delivered at your doorstep, you can rest with a stress-free mind and your dog, with a full stomach! Not just meals, they have snacks for those cravings too! 
Having pets is not an easy task. For working professionals, this can be a little too demanding. Not to worry! There are many pet care enterprises that make pet parenting the joyful experience it is supposed to be. With the emerging nature of this sector, not many people know of these companies. An effective marketing strategy is exactly what they need right now. Cause marketing is when a for-profit business champions a social or environmental issue to increase both profits and awareness. With more conscious customers, a cause marketing plan is a good bet for any business to increase brand awareness.

You are required to build a cause marketing plan for Goodboy Kitchen, a pet care company.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Cause marketing
Customer segmentation
Market research

You will apply:
Marketing Insights
Championing the customer
Partnership marketing

You will create:
A cause marketing strategy for a pet care company
Expected Output
  1. Survey Form
  2. Survey Analysis Report
  3. Research Report on Selected Cause
  4. Cause Marketing Strategy
  5. Storyboard for Video Campaign
  6. Video of Self
Build a Cause Marketing Plan for Goodboy kitchen
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