Computer Science
Build a Bot That Can Answer Investment Related Questions
Develop a bot that can answer investment related questions based on the portfolio that the bot is deployed on.

About this menternship
Chatbots use Artificial Intelligence to run and are almost endless in their capabilities, starting from lead generation, to customer support to HR handling. A chatbot can decrease business costs seismically by replacing costly human labour, by interacting with customers through monotonous and mechanical tasks.

Chatbots today are used by almost every organization, big or small, as a virtual assistant for their users. 

In this Menternship, Actlogica wants you to design a bot that can answer queries related to investment based on the portfolio the bot is deployed on. 

Actlogica believes that Actuarial Mathematics can solve the most complicated problems that a business may have in relation to its operations, sales effectiveness, risk management, cost effectiveness, future projections, capital efficiency and adequacy and many more. We engineer solutions that empower businesses from Finance, Insurance and Banking industries with intelligence about their customers, help sales teams with increased quality of sales, add value to investments teams with access to analyses about assets, liabilities and future projections and a lot of other commonly unsolved areas in a business.

Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
1. Knowledge and first hand experience in creating virtual bots. 
2. Bot Frameworks and Bot Deployments

Expected Output
  1. Link to the bot created on Dialogflow.
  2. Link to the bot, deployed to a host - mobile or web.
  3. Video of Self
Build a Bot That Can Answer Investment Related Questions
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