Human Resource
Assess the Abilities of Various Candidates to Fill in a Leadership Position at LearnEd
Analyse the ideal profile of an open position at the company before evaluating potential candidates by studying their leadership styles
About this menternship
In this menternship you will be working under the assumption that LearnEd is looking to hire a Project Manager for their career awareness project . You need to find someone with the ability to lead a team as a Project manager for LearnEd’s development projects. A leader has great character and the ability to guide and motivate people in positive ways. Employees appreciate and respond to this kind of leadership. It motivates them to do their best. 

You will have to study the company to understand their mission, vision, values and culture. Based on your understanding of the role and the company, you will have to create an ideal candidate profile. This ideal candidate profile will help you identify potential candidates for the role. 
Among the candidates that you have identified, you will have to reach out to any 3 candidates. You need to assess the leadership abilities of all the candidates and determine who would be the best fit for the role

LearnEd is a community of young, ardent individuals who are driven to create a difference in the lives of the student community across India. 
They specialise in consulting, conceptualisation & execution of projects in the field of Curriculum Development, Student Outreach & Student Engagement. 

Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Creating an ideal candidate profile 
  2. Selecting candidates for a given role 
  3. Leadership theories 
  4. Styles of leadership
  5. Identifying leadership potential 

Expected Output
  1. List of Candidates
  2. Ideal Candidate Profile
  3. Report on Leadership Profiles
  4. Video of Self
Assess the Abilities of Various Candidates to Fill in a Leadership Position at LearnEd
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