Analyse Market Projections to Come up with Financial Strategies for Market Expansion
Propose a sound financial strategy for Vishal Peripherals to expand their market share in the IT retail industry, based on your analysis of the market and the company's potential.
Ajay Akhnoor
, Vishal Peripherals
About this Menternship
Vishal Peripherals is an IT infrastructure and development company. They have been in the market for over two decades and are growing exponentially. From humble beginnings with a team of four, it has now grown into an organisation with more than 80 employees across multiple states. They work with governments, corporates and colleges across India. Customer satisfaction is at the centre of everything they do. Their credibility has enabled such rapid growth in the industry.

Any business is constantly looking for growth - growth in sales, growth in market share, growth in popularity. A stagnancy is not a good sign for an enterprise. Market expansion strategies sid organisations to explore new markets while carefully assessing risks and minimising adversities. A solid market expansion startey is the cornerstone of the growth of a company.

Through this menternship, you will create an effective market expansion strategy for an emerging IT Infrastructure company to increase their market share.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
IT retail industry
Market trends
Target market

You will apply:
Market potential analysis
Company analysis
Market research
Product analysis
Competitor research and analysis
Market analysis

You will create:
A market analysis report
Market expansion strategy
Finance and budget strategy for expansion

Expected Output
  1. Company analysis report
  2. Strategy for market expansion
  3. Finance strategy and budget
  4. Video of Self
Analyse Market Projections to Come up with Financial Strategies for Market Expansion
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