Data Science
Identify premium pricing attributes for home insurance using R
Help APS India create a ML model to identify premium pricing attributes for home insurance
About this Menternship

APS is a leading Real Estate solutions provider offering a wide gamut of services, ranging from highly targeted commercial leasing to asset advisory and management. They specialize in commercial interior works and undertake various construction projects. 
In this menternship, created for you by real estate consultant company APS India, you will conduct exploratory data analysis using R to identify the attributes of a house and its owner which can effect the price of the house's insurance premium.
The insurance industry relies heavily on data science tools to optimize their pricing models. In the insurance business, customers go only for the lowest priced policies - and hence, competitive, data-driving pricing is a must for all insurance companies.

Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore: 
Exploratory Data analysis with R 
Data Cleaning and wrangling in R 
Plotting in R(Data Visualization) 
CRISP - DM Framework

You will apply:
Data wrangling and cleaning 
Data visualisation
R programming
Research (Insurance domain)

You will create:
Recommendation for premium pricing attributes for home insurance

Expected Output
  1. Screenshots of Installed RStudio with a few sample packages installed
  2. Report on CRISP DM with a student-chosen example in the Insurance Industry
  3. R Script
  4. Data Frame result screenshots
  5. Final R Script (Running and Error-Free)
  6. Report on EDA Findings and Insights
  7. Submit your video
Identify premium pricing attributes for home insurance using R
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