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How can MentorMind scale its operations across various cities while retaining quality of service?

Based on current scenario of the company, create a growth strategy for MentorMind to expand its services across various cities while retaining quality of service till 2020.

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Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

    1. Market Research 
    2. Case Study/ Data analysis
    3. Operations & Service Parameters involved in an Edtech model

About this Menternship

In less than a span of a decade, the Indian education system has quickly progressed from traditional classroom teaching to computerised learning. This particular sector has seen a tremendous growth in recent years with the inception of EdTech startups. According to a recent report, the Indian e-learning market was worth approximately $247 million, comprising 1.6 million users as of 2016. The size of the market is expected to grow eight - fold to $1.96 billion and the user base almost six-fold to 9.6 million users by 2021. The Indian e-learning market is second only to the US in terms of size. Even so, there are still a few roadblocks hindering the country’s EdTech industry from reaching its full potential. 

Few of the key problems currently include creation of modules in languages understood by regional audiences, optimization of revenues, preference of students towards tuition culture, and lack of familiarity with online learning. Another huge drawback currently is the lack of infrastructure and outreach, preventing students in rural areas from benefiting from e-learning platforms. An EdTech company that has bypassed the above issues and gone on to become a leader in the industry is Byju’s, that has consistently been growing at a rate of 100% every year for the past 3 years since the launch of its app. The learning platform currently has over 20 million registered users with an addition of 1.5 million every month. 

MentorMind is one such EdTech startup, which was started with the purpose of serving as an online platform for students and young professionals to able to access and work on real-time work situations in the form of Menternships (MentorMind internships) that are co-created in collaboration with companies looking for entry-level talent. It was started in 2017 by a team of highly passionate and skilled engineering graduates who met through a youth-run organization, AIESEC, that focuses on developing management skills through leadership experiences in different sectors. After a lot of research and market experimentation through 2015 and ‘16, MentorMind was conceived with the goal of better preparing the future workforce of all backgrounds, and the lack of awareness and exposure of students to their career field of choice.

Facts about the company:
  1. MentorMind currently operates in the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore
  2. Total employee count: 42
  3. Percentage of women employees: 35%
  4. Projected revenue: $115,000 USD

How can MentorMind scale its operations across various cities while retaining quality of service?