Human Resource
Gamify the Onboarding Process of New Employees at Danube Home - a Furniture Store
Study onboarding processes post recruitment along with the company's profile, before including gamification elements in the onboarding of new employees for a retail business
About this menternship
Danube Home is a one stop shop for all home furnishing needs. It is a premium luxury store located in Hyderabad. 
This menternship will require you to help onboard new employees for the store. Onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organization. It refers to the entire process of transitioning, starting from the first day of employment till the successful integration is complete. Onboarding can define the experience of the employee with the organisation. 

Through this menternship you will be able to understand the process of onboarding and introducing the workplace culture through the process. Since the process can be tedious, gamifying it can increase both retention of information and engagement. Gamifying refers to the process of training through fun activities. This helps with putting new employees at ease and leaves them feeling more positive.
Why take up this menternship?
On completing this menternship, you will learn about
  1. Importance and Process of Onboarding 
  2. Workplace Culture 
  3. Planning Creative Engagements 
  4. Collecting Feedback 

Expected Output
  1. Checklist for Onboarding
  2. Feedback Form
  3. Gamified Onboarding Process
  4. Video of Self
Gamify the Onboarding Process of New Employees at Danube Home - a Furniture Store
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