Computer Science
Design a Creative Landing Page for
The Menternship given by Waste Ventures India is to design a Creative Landing Page for Toter which must have a theme around waste management & recycling. 

About this Menternship
Waste Ventures India is a social enterprise that tackles India’s ongoing trash issue. They work with informal waste pickers and bulk waste generators to create inclusive, financially viable and environmentally sustainable waste management models. The company has grown tremendously since its inception in 2018. Waste Ventures is helping the country better manage its garbage by providing recycling and composting solutions. Thanks to Waste Ventures, eco-friendly waste management is now just a click away for city dwellers. Toter is one solution where residents can schedule waste collection from an app.

A landing page is not the same as a homepage. A landing page is created with the express goal or ‘call to action’ (CTA). Different kinds of businesses and enterprises have different types of CTAs. For example, a software company’s CTA can sign up for a free trial or share your contact details for a weekly newsletter containing software updates. In this menternship, you are tasked with creating a landing page for an enterprise that sells waste management products and solutions to other businesses. Through research, you will have to determine what will be the appropriate CTAs on Toter’s landing page.

In this menternship, you will design and develop a creative landing page for toter, a waste collection scheduling tool.
Why take up this Menternship?
On completing this Menternship, you will learn about
You will explore:
Colour schemes
Web-page design
Front-end development

You will apply:

You will create:
A HTML based landing page
Expected Output
  1. Website Wireframes
  2. A html landing page for - Design a creative HTML landing page for the Toter
  3. Video of Self
Design a Creative Landing Page for
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