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Create a HR Policy to Improve Service Quality Metrics

Help a growing Healthcare Logistics startup solve their problem of service quality through an effective HR/Operations solution.

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About this Menternship

Tested Healthcare is a healthcare logistics company, that is solving last mile operations in the medical diagnostics industry. We currently offer the service of home-sample collection of blood/urine to be tested at diagnostic labs, thereby increasing customer convenience. Our services are currently available in Hyderabad, soon to be available in other cities in India.

We have an established network of medically trained technicians, currently forming the core of our business solution. With incremental growth every week, we are currently seeing a rapid rise in the number of technicians we are hiring.
Now, all our technicians are contingent workers. What does a contingent worker mean? 

Contingent workers are people who work for a firm on a non-permanent basis. This means, the technicians do have the opportunity to work at other diagnostic labs, and in all probability, they are. (To learn more on Contingent Workforce, you can go through the article in the resource centre of this challenge)

Being present in a service industry, our most important metric is the quality of the service we provide. Since the service in it’s entirety, is delivered by the technician at the customers’ home, 99% of our service quality is dependent on the technicians behaviour and skills. 
As skills can be assessed by previous experience, recommendations and assessments, tracking behavioural performance of the technicians is a major concern as the number of technicians in the field grows. Other than effective training, how can we ensure the right behavioural performance from our technicians?

So coming to the menternship, the following is the challenge we would like to throw at you:

Come up with the most effective HR/operations model, to ensure tracking of the behavioural performance of Tested Healthcare Technicians, driving optimal organisational performance.

Why take up this Menternship?

On completing this Menternship, you will learn about

  • 1. Demographics of Healthcare Diagnostic Human Resources.
    2. Operations & Service Parameters in a Hyperlocal Business Model.
    3. Intricacies involved in a hyperlocal business model & a comparative study among examples.
    4. Drafting an implementable HR policy, to improve service quality metrics.

Expected Output

  1. Report on the Hyperlocal Business ModelPdf
  2. Proposed model - A 3 page description on the proposed model; including a working model example.Pdf
  3. Explanation of model with example - A 3 page explanation of how the model will work with the hiring potential of 300 Medical Technicians over a period of 6 months.Excel
  4. Research report on phlebotomists - A research report on Phlebotomists/Medical Lab Technicians from a HR perspectivePdf

Create a HR Policy to Improve Service Quality Metrics

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